Saturday, August 9, 2014

Floater, The Finns and Jimmy Nuge | June 7, 2014, Knitting Factory, Spokane WA

A Saturday night concert! Almost a rare treat to enjoy the weekend in full with early morning work at home until it’s time to stop then get prepared for a night out on the town. Floater just keeps getting better and better for as a band that you can rely upon when it comes to pulling out any album from their catalog and every song does not disappoint. The songs are timeless and melodic with energy drawn from sources like The Doors, The Police, Pink Floyd, Tool, and Primus. Floater STILL deserves to be known EVERYWHERE but everyone along the West Coast gets the special treat of seeing Floater at least once in year in their towns. Next time you hear Floater is coming, go hear the music and get lost in the vibes.
The opening acts were some local talent, starting with Jimmy Nuge doing an acoustic performance and what a mess of fun it was. I like the loose vibe of just getting up on stage and breaking into song but since he’s apparently a local favorite from a local band, you think he’d come and be a bit more professional, cleaned up (apparently he just came from work) and show off his talents vs clowning around so much. Yeah, yeah, relax, it’s music not a personal audition for me (I can hear people whining already). I just wish when someone gets up there, they come to do their best, present themselves in the best light possible. You’re trying to build an audience, not just fill the time.
Next were The Finns and I swear this ranks right up there with some of the worst I’ve seen live. AGAIN, they are up there trying and doing way more than I would do and showing more balls than most in this world but appeared to come from a high school music competition. Two young men and two young women with NO character or presence on stage. Staring at your instruments making sure you hit each note correctly comes off poorly. I’m sure they are brand new in the area as a band and have MUCH to learn to be a better band so perhaps years from now they will look like they know what they are doing up on stage they blow the doors of the room. There’s always hope.


The Finns

Jimmy Nuge

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